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My little studio.

Jasmine FarrowComment

At the moment my studio is our spare bedroom. It is very small and cramped. It is a bit of a struggle to store finished paintings, especially oil paintings that can take a year to dry. At the same time I need space to paint new paintings and I am desperate to work on larger scale pieces. I have lots of plans for my room though and I am just so grateful for this little space. It is only recently that I have been well enough to paint anywhere that isn't my bed, and so having a little room to call my art studio makes a lot of difference psychologically.

jasmine farrow in her art studio painting

My plans are to design a drying rack for my paintings, to put up in the tiny walk-in wardrobe. Unfortunately I won't be able to build it myself although that would normally be the kind of thing I would have loved to do. My brother is staying with us at the moment and so I am hoping he and my partner will do the building part. I will let you know how that goes.

Another plan is to de-clutter! Although those words send a shiver through my spine! I hate throwing things away and love to re-purpose as much as I can because I hate waste. But there comes a time where you haven't re-purposed certain things for a few years and it's time to go. I will see if I can sell or give things away where possible. Anyone need two boxes of used bubble envelopes?!