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Gallery Representation

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I was unsure as to whether to pursue gallery representation. I have been selling my work online because that has been a world that I can easily access whilst being ill. But recently after speaking to a friend and reading a Jason Horejs book that was kindly sent to me by another fellow artist Linda Coppens, I decided to look in to it.

I looked at local galleries and soon realised that my local area was not big on abstract work. Many of the galleries are very traditional and most prefer renderings of the local landscape and the birds and animals that can be found here. This makes sense as it is truly an area of natural beauty and many tourists come and would like a memento to hang on their walls. Also there are lots of holiday cottages and second homes whose owners like to embrace the theme of the place. Although my work is influenced by the nature that surrounds me, it is not representative as such. I thought I would have to look further afield to one of the bigger cities where a broader selection of art is available. In the end I was contacted by a sister gallery to one I had emailed. This gallery was called Gallery In The Lanes. It was perfect.

Gallery In The Lanes hosts a mix of styles and is in the center of Norwich. The staff are very friendly and open. It was very interesting when Louisa from the gallery came to my house to choose which paintings to take. We had to decide which ones looked best together and it has fixed in my mind the importance of working in series. I very much dislike working in series but it can be very beneficial in situations like these.  I suppose it also helps you to develop a style of your own. There are now 7 of my paintings on rotation in the gallery.


My paintings 'Rock Yourself To Sleep' and 'Freedom In A Mirrored Room' at Gallery In The Lanes.

My paintings 'Rock Yourself To Sleep' and 'Freedom In A Mirrored Room' at Gallery In The Lanes.

If you have any further questions about gallery representation please feel free to comment below. Thanks :)